Saturday, 27 August 2016

Reducing Clutter without Nagging

Looking for a way to manage the clutter of children dumping random things around the house? I found a way to empower my children on the road to self-regulation, and it saves my voice! And no nagging keeps me in a higher vibration (better feeling space) therefore better able to manifest what I want.
As I walk into the room and see the clutter I make the following statement, "oh, look at this. Okay, I will just add these things to the list." "My children immediately perk up, what list, what things?" they want to know.
THE LIST is a piece of paper with all the items that must be cleaned before screen time begins. They each get two hours of screen time a day and this includes movies, time on the tablet, or playing video games, but they understand this is a privilege.
I have two children, but I just make one list. And I have experimented with keeping the list mysterious. Encourage them to think more. So I go into the living room, for example, and write, "books, DVD, puzzle, hair accessories, pieces of paper." So this way there is no blame or competition, They simply figure out what they are responsible for and cross the items off the list.
In trying out this exercise, I notice a sense of accomplishment in my son, definitely a future list maker! And I discovered that my daughter was really unaware that she was leaving so many items around the house. It was never in a space of laziness, so she seems to appreciate the reminder.
I have found this technique to be a huge success, and very beneficial the week before school starts. Try it out and let me know how it goes. I love your comments and feedback!

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